Ladr Capital

Our Mission:


We make credit more accessible by creating technology that makes it easy to lend to the those marginalized by traditional financial institutions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easier for people without an established credit history to borrow money.  There are billions of people in the world who are unbanked or underbanked.  For them it is difficult to get a loan. 

And yet, they are also the people who most need access to credit.  The ability to borrow money can help those on the margins of the economy establish sustainable livelihoods, or weather tough economic times without slipping into extreme poverty.  

For many people, access to capital can be a ladder out of poverty and into the mainstream economy.


What We Do

Ladr Capital focuses on making micro loans easier, faster and cheaper.  We build mobile technology that brings together borrowers, lenders, and agents to create  a more efficient market for micro lending.  


Moblie Technology

Recent innovations in mobile technology have proven smart phones can be powerful tools for financial inclusion.  We devleop mobile technology that transform a customer's phone into gateway to financial inclusion.  Borrowers can connect with each other and with lenders to access credit right from their phones.

Group Lending

Group lending was one of the breakthroughs that ignited the growth of the microfinance industry.  Every member in the group is responsible for every individual loan, creating a strong incentive to only allow credit worthy members into the group.  

Group lending helps lenders find good borrowers more efficiently.


Get Involved

Help us build a revolutionary platform for financial inclusion.  We are always looking for interested individuals and organizations to work with.  Whether you work in the microfinance field, invest in loan instruments, build great tech, or just want to help make the world a little better - we would love to chat.  Please get in touch 


Are you an MFI?

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  We'd love to help you to make more credit available to those who need it.  

Help build the tech

We're always looking for talented creators who want to build revolutionary technology.  Is that you?  Get in touch.           

Invest in microloans

Provide funds for micro loans and make an impact while diversifying your portfolio. You can do well by doing good.